Boralit is a dynamic company within the market of rotational moulding polyethylene products. With 40 years of experience Boralit has created a diversified and qualitative product range.
There is a motivated team of young people who pursue a strongly customer-oriented approach. Both the quotes as the delivery modalities (extremely short delivery times).
All our staff guarantees 100% the quality and the service that Boralit wants to maintain. 

Specialist in products for the storage and treating of liquids

In the course of the years Boralit has, at the customer's request, developed an extensive range of standard products that both on the national and on the international market is sold.

We offer you an extensive and strong high range of tanks for the handling and storage of household waste water, light polluted industrial waste water, rain water, oils and other liquids.

Among these products are the wastewater treatments from 2 to 30 persons (KWZI or IBA) sludge and grease traps, hydrocarbon separators, pumping stations, rainwater tanks, septic tanks, fuel oil tanks,

On request we also do custom work such as slides, feed funnels, diesel tanks, flower boxes, separators,

Our installations are in accordance with the CE standard for septic tanks, water storage and water purification systems, oil separators and grease traps, fuel storage tanks, pumping stations and tanks for Multi purpose storage...

In short, Boralit offers a range of high-quality products.

Thanks to our many years of experience and high-quality products we are able to offer you a total solution.

We strive for a quick handling of your questions. A standard quotation you may expect from us within the 48 hours and a delivery of the ordered products is carried out standard within 10 working days in Belgium at you or your client

Boralit has a team to help you on your request.

We encourage you to explore our site. Step by step you will discover that you can find a range of high quality products at a competitive price.


Our assets

  • 10 to 50 year warranty

  • More durable than concrete by non-porous material

  • Extensive range

  • Material with high density + UV resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Exists already 40 years