You want cheap and safe heat in your house ? Or do you own a tank to fill your vehicle?

Choose a fuel tank of Boralit.


Why choose Boralit?

Boralit is the first and only manufacturer that offers the prestigious BENOR label. This is the only real guarantee of quality.


We have a solution for every application. So no reason not to choose for Boralit.

Fuel tanks

Boralit is more than 40 producer of polyethylene storage tanks, who have a lot of advantages according to concrete. The underground and above ground fuel tanks are also made in polyethylene from the highest quality


The underground fuel tanks of Boralit have a high stiffness and density, so that she can withstand the stored products as well as the underground pressure (thanks to the reinforcement ribs and the welded spill container.


The above ground tanks are very stable en consist of a tank in a bund. The bunds’ function is to contain the fuel when a leak occurs on the inner tank.


There is also Boralit as first to have the prestigious Benor label. A Benor label indicates that a product is conform to a Belgian standard. A third, independent party, checks on a periodic basis, our factory production system. This guarantees the quality.