Why choose a watertreatment from Boralit ?

A water treatment plant of Boralit consist of 2 groups:

- Intensive systems: in these systems, there is intensive pumped in oxygen. So there is a air pump needed.
- Extensive systems: Here comes the oxygen in a natural way in. There is no air pump needed.


They offer superior quality, and also countless benefits:

- The water treatment plants are made of plastic. There can therefore be no concrete rot or crack that can occur.
- The life expectance is more than 25 years.
- The systems are easy or not to be regulate and not sensitive for disturbances.
- All parts are very light, giving the whole is very easy mobile.
- The treatment efficiency is higher, with a lower sludge deposal, than other systems on the market. Especially the Bora-Clean with efficiency of 99%.
- The pumps (in intensive systems) are of a very low energy consumption.

- This water treatments are very easy to maintain: There are no loose parts that require cleaning.

- Activators are not necessary during the start-up or in use.

- More than 12.000 sold systems.


Choice of 5 different systems:

ready-to-use models for 5 and 8 inhabitants, Activated sludge.
ready-to-use models for 12, 16, 22 and 30 inhabitants, Activated sludge.
ready-to-use models for 5 and 8 inhabitants, in accordance with the Walloon legislation, Activated sludge.
ready-to-use models for 5 and 7 inhabitants, Moving bed.

And last, our extensive system BORA-CLEAN for 0 to 25 inhabitants.


Our system Bora Clean is also very suitable for holiday rentals, where only occasionally people are present. With an efficiency of up to 99% and a power consumption of only 2.2 kwh per year per inhabitant, this is the best water treatment on the Belgian market.

Wastewater treatment

Within the range of individual wastewater treatment from 0 to 30 P.E. there are 5 types of systems:

  • Individual water treatment monoblok from 2 to 8 P.E. active sludge (CE)
  • Individual water treatment monoblok according the Walloon agreement from 2 to 8 P.E. active sludge (CE)
  • Individual wastewater treatment from 8 to 30 P.E. active sludge (CE)
  • Individual water treatment monoblok from 2 to 7 P.E. moving bed (CE)
  • Individual water treatment from 0 to 5 P.E. Extensive system (CE) 

Boralit's wastewater treatment systems work according to an active sludge system and a moving bed system.In the second tank there is a mixture of biomass and wastewater. The biomass occurs in the form of sludge flake group of micro-organisms that are developed in the wastewater thanks to an extensive supply of oxygen.

In the individual systems the aeration also mixes the content of the reactor. By supplying oxygen, there is an alternating creation of aerobe and anoxic conditions.

In the final settlement tank purified water and active sludge are separated. A part of this sludge will be returned to the second tank. During the purifying process, the amount of sludge increases so the sludge has to be removed of the third tank to have a desirable level of sludge in the second tank.