What are separators ?

What is the function of a mud trap ?

A mud trap is a system in the sewers, which serves to perceptible dirt from the waste water. This prevents certain undesirable substances clog or damage the sewer system.

Why installing a grease separator?

They have the task in the waste water common to hold back vegetable and animal fats and oils, as well as the sedimenting, So are problems such as clogging of drain pipes, odour and the municipal waste water treatment plants also relieved.

Who are users of oil separators and why ?

Oil is an undesirable substance in the waste water. As a company, then one must also ensure that waste water is not discharged to the surface water. This means that there must be an oil separator installed. Oil separators are commonly used in garages, pump stations and car washes because here with oil and sludge is released.

Mud traps and grease and oil separators

Oil separators can be used in a lot of domains: parking lots, farms, fuel stations, watching places, transport companies … Any place where oil and/or grease is used. Grease separators are suitable for catering businesses, food companies, schools, meat processing companies, etc. A mud trap is installed in front of a grease separator or an oil separator.

To be shore choosing the right installation, we suggest contacting our technical service, who will help you with your choice.