What is a pumping station of Boralit ?

A pumping station is a pit containing one or two submersible pump(s), what pumps the incoming (waste) water to higher ground sewer or Canal.

They can process rain water, faeces sewage, industrial sewage, domestic waste water etc. However depending on the application, there are different types of pumps applied.

Boralit is an expert in the field of pumps and pumping stations and know for just about any situation or application to advise you of the correct installation.

Boralit has in recent years proved to be a reliable supplier of pumping stations.


Pumping stations

A pumping station is a device to pump liquid towards a higher level. This can be of use in case of underground parking lots, cellars, …

The type of pump depends on several factors. In order to determine the correct type of pumping station, please contact our technical department and inform us on the following factors:

  • The vertical distance to be covered
  • The horizontal distance to be covered
  • The type of liquid that should be pumped (rainwater, wastewater, faeces, …)
  • The maximum flow rate
  • 1 or 2 pumps

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