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Waste water treatment from 0 to 5 PE, extensive system

Available in 0 to 5 PE.

Carried out in 3D EPDM.

It is possible to connect multiple systems in parallel.

· Suitable for irregular load such as campsites and holiday homes.

· Consistent of a 3D EPDM foil (3), filled with a natural filter medium.

· EPDM applies to the latest legislation and is 1,5 mm thick.

· EPDM welded in stead of glued.

· No adjustment necessary. Start automatically.

· Kit, easy and cheap to install.

· Standard for 5 PE.

· Cheapest in maintenance.

· Low sludge deposition, high purification efficiency.

· Easy to maintain: no loose parts that need to be cleaned or that may block.

· No additives needed at startup or during use.

· To install after a pre-treatment of 6.000 (1) litre and a pumping station of 130 litre (2). After the filter is a sampling pit installed (4).

· Extensive system.


· For occupation > 5 PE, easy to install one or more parallel, by means of a effluent dispenser.

· Only 2,2 kw/year/person !!




Our extensive system is working completely different than our other systems. The pre-treatment tank is similar, and operates as a septic tank. After this pre-treatment, the water flows gravitair in a pumping station, which will dispense the water over the top of the filter. In the filter the water flows trough a natural medium and is purified. It flows than gravitair out of the system.

 The big advantage of this system is that there is now minimum occupation needed. So it is ideal for camping lots and vacation houses. 

The filter is delivered as a cit. He exists of a standard 3D EPDM foil, prefabricated tubes and connections, some sacs with the medium and an installation manual.

The installation is easy to install and to connect. Follow the instructions carefully.

Working principle :


Pre-treatment :

Tank A is the pre-treatment with a volume of 6.000 litre.

The wastewater from the house arrives in this pre-treatment. It is an anaerobic environment, making it liquefied. The inlet is equipped with a curve to bring the water to the bottom of the tank.

 The curve at the outlet is installed so only liquefied water can flow out.


Pumping station :

Tank B is the pumping station with a volume of 130 L.

A pump is installed in this tank. From the moment that there is a certain amount of liquid in the tank, the pump will bring it to the dispenser unit of the filter.


BORA-CLEAN filter:

The wastewater, coming from the pumping station, arrives in the dispenser unit on top of the filter. It is perforated at the bottom side.

The amount of wastewater is from that volume that it is more than the volume of the dispenser unit. Therefore the wastewater is divided equally over the system.

This wastewater is passing different layers of medium, en treated at that moment.

At the bottom of the filter is outlet. Perforated at the bottom. The treated water is flowing out of the system by this outlet.


Sample pit:

The sample put is last in the line, wit a volume of 9,4 l.

The filter must be installed behind a pretreatment tank of 6.000 liter (SP/RW6000) and a pumping station of 130 liter (PP1300). After the filter you install a sample pit


The filter is for 5 PE. If necessary, you can install up to 5 installations parallel to each other with our effluent distributor.


The filter is designed to withstand under occupation. That is ideal for holyday houses, camping lots, .


The installation is intended to install underground. We offer in option wooden bezels for a better view.

It is possible to install the installation partially above ground (20 cm and 60 cm). To do this there are options available to facilitate the installation.


They are available in  0-5  PE.
Consisting of  1 tank + one pumping station + one 3D EPDM with natural filter material.
It is possible to install several systems in parallel.

CE: according to EN 12566-3+A2 2013 


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Height out
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